Hvide Sande Service Group
Hvide Sande Service Group
Hvide Sande Service Group
Hvide Sande Service Group
Hvide Sande Service Group

Hvide Sande Harbour - closer than you think!

Hvide Sande Harbour has much to offer at the moment -
and even more in the future.

Hvide Sande Harbour is a modern port, which offers all the facilities and services any ship could need. Call Hvide Sande Services Group customer manager at +45 2020 7977, so that he can help you further.

Hvide Sande Harbour was built in connection with drainage sluice and tide lock. The streamimg watter that passes the sluice gives Hvide Sande's Harbour an advantage. The harbor is ice-free and therefore permits passage throughout the year. The port was inaugurated in August 1931. Since then, in the years 1970 - 1985, the harbour was expanded and renovated. Between 2002 and 2008, ​​major investments in modernization of the unloading facilities and fishauction were made.

Port and pier expansion in 2011-2013

The port and pier expansion began in May 2011 and it was completed in July 2013. The expansion includes a new jetty of approx. 700 meters and an extension of the northern jetty to achieve a better and safer entrance to the harbor. The first stage of the expansion - the new West Port - was completed in July 2013. This means the Port of Hvide Sande will be able to offer 6 meters of water from now on. 

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Flotation depths & sailing conditions

The Port of Hvide Sande is trying to maintain a constant water depth at 6 meters in the port entrance and at the Westharbor. 

Questions regarding the navigation conditions and water depths in the various sections of the port can be directed to the port authorities in Hvide Sande at +45 9731 1633.  

The water depth can be extended to 7 meters in the future.

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Sounding plan

The port authorities in Hvide Sande often measure the water depth in the harbourentrance. The latest measurements can be found here: Hvide Sande Sluse.dk 

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Quay carrying capacity

The new west quay has a carrying capacity of minimum 50 kN/m². The westernmost 60 meters of the west pier will have a carrying capacity of 100 kN/m². So there won't be any problems even with very heavy units.

The current quay for industrial fish in the northern part of the harbour has an approx. carrying capacity of 15 kN/m². In August 2011 the lifting of a 182 tons machine was approved. The actual machine weight slightly less (137 tons). All went well with a crane which had a pressure of 15 tons per support leg.

Regarding the carrying capacity, then pls. contact us (Tel.: +45 2020 7977 / bh@hsvhavn.dk ) if you are in doubt something may be too heavy. We will get ports engineer to check it.

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Storage area

The storage area at the new west quay are approx 3 hectares in total. The new west pier is approx. 150 meters long. The quay street is approx. 35 meters wide. The harbour's entrance is approx. 100 meters wide.

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Other information

Ports prices and conditions are available at the following link: Prices and conditions 

Orther information about the sluice, shore power, fresh water and facilities for yachtsmen can be found at the following link; www.hvidesandehavn.dk

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Cranes, stevedores and agency tasks

Hvide Sande Supply can be contacted regarding mobile cranes, stevedores and agency tasks. (Their sister company has a 80 tons mobile crane and a SenneBogen crane for Bulk).

Hvide Sande Supplys contact details:
Tel.: +45 7230 1022.

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You are always welcome to contact us if you have further questions.
We, in Hvide Sande, appreciate all the work we get. Flexibility and the best service possible are the keywords for the Hvide Sande Service Group.

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