In Hvide Sande, the future is still about fish

Fishing and the associated fisheries industry play a significant role at Hvide Sande and Hvide Sande Service Group

The demand for fresh, high-quality fish is great, and the fishermen of Hvide Sande are able to deliver top-class products.

Hvide Sande Service Group focuses on creating and developing optimal conditions for fishermen.

The companies in Hvide Sande Service Group provide all services and skills that are desired. The group sells everything a ship needs, from furniture, carpets and mattresses in custom sizes to workwear, ship insurance, ropes and – of course – everything in the realm of nets, fishing gear and regular maritime craftsman services.


Hvide Sande is a significant factor in Danish fishing

High-quality consumer fish from Hvide Sande

High-quality consumer fish are exported to large parts of the EU


Port of Hvide Sande facilities and service

The service group members offer high-quality services when repairs and maintenance are needed for individual vessels.

Port of Hvide Sande ensures ongoing maintenance of facilities at the docks, shore power, and the collection and disposal of waste. In addition, it continuously ensures that the promised water depths are maintained at docks and in port inlets.

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