Hvide Sande City

Hvide Sande Service Group works at several levels to strengthen tourism in Hvide Sande and at the Port of Hvide Sande.

Hvide Sande Service Group aims to act as a link between tourism and the local business community, allowing the two to complement each other and develop in positive directions.

Furthermore, in the future, Hvide Sande Service Group can work with the tourism industry on projects such as sailing to wind farms, calling in smaller cruise ships and marketing the port to yachting enthusiasts.

Hvide Sande’s location and history attract port tourism. The town is an exciting place, offering both angling and one of Denmark’s best beaches.

There is a marina in the cosy German harbour (Tyskehavnen), and at the south part of the port there are good facilities for yachting enthusiasts, including cooking facilities and good toilet facilities.

Through its members, Hvide Sande Service Group can also assist with small and large repairs of yachts.


The German harbour, tranquility and idyll

The German harbour is one of Hvide Sande’s idyllic places where tourism meets the locals

Beach, nature and clean air

The unique beach with its clean salt water, kilometres of long, sandy beaches, dunes providing shelter and the opportunity to enjoy the sun undisturbed, as well as the close proximity to Ringkøbing fjord with its many opportunities for water sports activities, cycling and hiking, are elements that draw tourists to Hvide Sande and create activity and revenue for Hvide Sande Service Group, as well as for the city’s other businesses

hvide sande stemning

Hvide Sande atmosphere

Close to the lively and active port
Tourists can get so close to vessels, entrances, port basins and auction halls that they can get a sense of being a part of the activities that take place here every day. During the summer, very successful fish auctions are arranged for tourists in the auction hall. These auctions attract tourists from all over the countryside.

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