Hvide Sande Service Group strengthens Hvide Sande and the Port of Hvide Sande in terms of the entire offshore area.

Hvide Sande Service Group covers a 360-degree range of services

Port of Hvide Sande is the nearest port to a large number of areas that have been designated for the offshore wind farms of the future. Horns Rev 3 of 400 MW, North Sea South of 170 MW and Thor, with a planned capacity of 800–1000 MW.

Hvide Sande also has a number of other advantages in addition to its location. Port of Hvide Sande is located directly on the North Sea and is ice-free all year round. The road logistics for the motorway network at Herning are built for driving road trains and heavy and long wind turbine transport.

A large number of the companies in Hvide Sande Service Group also have several years of experience in servicing and building ships for the offshore wind industry, as well as designing special equipment and spare parts for most types of wind turbines. As a base port for the establishment of Horns Rev 3, the city knows the offshore industry’s requirements well – i.a. for flexibility, a high level of service and quality.

Hvide Sande Service Group wants to bring as much activity as possible to the port in connection with Horns Rev 3, North Sea South, Thor, and the other upcoming offshore turbine areas which have been designated for the North Sea off the Port of Hvide Sande. This applies to the establishment, service and maintenance phases.

Among other things, the companies in Hvide Sande Service Group can offer the following to the offshore wind industry: shipyards, electricians, radio technicians, machine companies, and smiths with experience in the offshore industry. Loading and unloading, customs clearance, mobile cranes, storage space, changing rooms, offices, catering and provisions, everything for the ship, accommodation, etc. are also offered.

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Crane, stevedores and agent tasks

Hvide Sande Supply can be contacted regarding crane, stevedores and agent tasks. Their sister company has an 80-tonne mobile crane for project goods, as well as a Sennebogen crane for loading and unloading bulk goods in particular.

Hvide Sande Supply’s details:
Tel.: +45 72 30 10 22.

Depth & sailing conditions

The water depth at the entrance is 7 metres. As the port has its own sand pumps and sounding boat, the water depth can be continuously maintained at a depth of 7 metres.

Questions regarding the sailing conditions, as well as water depths around the various sections of the port, can be directed to the port attendant in Hvide Sande at:

Tel. +45 97 31 16 33.

Sounding plan

As previously mentioned, the Port of Hvide Sande has its own sand pumps and a sounding boat, which allows the port to ensure that a fully updated sounding plan is always available and valid for port entrances and quays as well as port basins:

See sounding plans for the Port of Hvide Sande

Storage areas

The storage area at the West Port is approx. 22,000 m2. The west quay is approx. 210 metres long. The quay street is also 210 metres long and approx. 35 metres wide. I.e. the paved quay street is approx. 7,000 m2. This is in addition to the storage space of approx. 50,000 m2 which borders the West Port. Furthermore, the port has several areas available that can very quickly be converted into storage, new buildings or other uses.


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