Spar Hvide Sande

Spar Hvide Sande

Spar in the port of Hvide Sande can help with everything within chandlers.

All articles will be delivered from our well-stocked supermarket.

The shop consists by: our own butcher, which means that we can always offer fresh meat for lunch and dinner, a market with fresh fruit & vegetable, our own wine department and our own hardware department.

We can help with everything within foods, bread, cleaning supplies, water, canned foods, porridge, meat, cold cuts, cheeses, salads, chips, candy and snacks, milk, refrigerated goods, groceries, frozen foods, newspapers, magazines, linen, bedding, pots, plates, bowls and all other thing you may need

We can also offer duty-free export goods to the ship.

Spar is centrally located on the harbor of Hvide Sande, and we have therefore only a few minutes drive to the various docks. Besides fast and flexible delivery, this also means that our products are always delivered fresh and at the correct temperature.

Find the provisioning list underneath and Pls. fax or mail this to us for easy delivery. Pls. give us a call to arrange pickup or delivery.

Download pdf provisioning list

Download excel provisioning list

Stormgade 2
6960 Hvide Sande

Phone. (+45) 96757100