Frydendahl Fishing Nets


Frydendahl Fishing Nets

Nearly 80 years experience in the delivery of fishing nets – around the clock.

Merchant Thomas Frydendahl established his business at the Hvide Sande harbour in 1933. His portfolio consisted of fishing nets, stores and other marine accessories. Delivery around the clock.

Frydendahl fishing nets still offers this service in Hvide Sande harbour.

We supply:

Fishing nets, ropes, braided ropes, mooring lines, anchor gear, wires, lifting gear, cleaning agents, anchors, fenders, polyform buoys, life jackets, rubber rafts, rubber gloves, work gloves, piloting tenants, rubber clothes, overalls, rubber boots, knives, baskets, buckets, tubs, cleaning cloths, zinc anodes, snap hooks, blocks, shackles, brooms, brushes, paints, safety nets, gangway nets, work clothing and much more.

Contact Alexander on the mobile: +45 61 61 15 11 and make an appointment with him.

Numitvej 27
6960 Hvide Sande

Phone. (+45) 61611511