Ejvinds Bakery


Ejvinds Bakery

Ejvinds Bakery in Hvide Sande has a wide selection of freshly baked breads and pastries.

We have 3 stores in Hvide Sande and Søndervig.

We offer a selection of sandwiches, burgers, pizza, pita, salad trays, baguettes, sausage rolls, tortilla wraps with kebabs and fresh salad.

Our Pastry department can provide everything in cakes, pies, pastries with logo, etc.

We have all kinds of fresh bread, rolls, basses, white bread of high quality.

Birthday? We have birthday cake, pretzels, muffins and cakes with photos or individual designs. Ejvinds Bakery in Hvide Sande has everything in bread, pastry, sandwiches and other fast food.

Nørregade & Havnen
6960 Hvide Sande

Phone. (+45) 97311114
Mail: info@ejvinds.dk