Hvide Sande Service Group
Hvide Sande Service Group
Hvide Sande Service Group
Hvide Sande Service Group
Hvide Sande Service Group


Hvide Sande Service Group makes it even more attractive to use Hvide Sande and Hvide Sande's Harbour as a key position for transportaition.

The companies of Hvide Sande Service Group make it possible to meet all the various needs and requirements of our customers to run transportation professionally throughout the entire transportation process.

We offer skills in loading and unloading, customs clearance, tug assistance and mobile cranes.

Hvide Sande Service Group wants to attract transport tasks in the following categories; bulk cargo, project cargo, turbine blades, large machinery and parts for major projects.

Hvide Sande Service Group offers all the practical and logistical things in relation to the transportation tasks. From supply and catering to accommodation.

Contact Hvide Sande Services Group, we will help you get started in the port of Hvide Sande – free of charge, of course.

Machinery, Hydraulic & Motor Workshops etc.


Hvide Sande Skibssmedie A/S



Packed Lunches, dinner & breakfast

Ejvinds Bageri

Hvide Sande Bageri

Nordsø Fisk


Midt Vest Malerfirma


Hvide Sande Apoteksudsalg


Klittens VVS

Provisioning & Catering


Seine and trawl binding & ship supplier

Frydendahl Im- & Export A/S

Hvide Sande Vodbinderi Aps

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