Hvide Sande Service Group
Hvide Sande Service Group
Hvide Sande Service Group
Hvide Sande Service Group
Hvide Sande Service Group


Hvide Sande Service Group is working on several levels to support tourism in Hvide Sande and Hvide Sande's Harbour.

Hvide Sande Service Group will act as link between tourism and industry, so the two areas can bebefit from each other and both develop positively.

Additionally, Hvide Sande Service Group will colaborate with the local tourism development on projects such as ship cruises and sailing cruises to the wind farms and an improved marketing of the harbor to boaters.

Hvide Sande is a location that attracts tourists with interest in the maritime world. It is an exciting city with superb fishing opportunities and one of Denmark's best beaches in direct vicinity.

There is a marina in the cozy "Tyskerhavn". The South Harbour offers good cooking-, bathing- and washingfacilities for yachtsmen.

Hvide Sande Service Groups members can also offer small and large repairs of recreational boats.

Machinery, Hydraulic & Motor Workshops etc.


Hvide Sande Skibssmedie A/S



Packed Lunches, dinner & breakfast

Ejvinds Bageri

Hvide Sande Bageri

Nordsø Fisk


Midt Vest Malerfirma


Hvide Sande Apoteksudsalg


Klittens VVS

Provisioning & Catering


Seine and trawl binding & ship supplier

Frydendahl Im- & Export A/S

Hvide Sande Vodbinderi Aps

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