Hvide Sande Service Group
Hvide Sande Service Group
Hvide Sande Service Group
Hvide Sande Service Group
Hvide Sande Service Group

Hvide Sande Apoteksudsalg(Pharmacy Sale)

Does your ship's medicine chest match applicable requirements?

At Ringkøbing Løve Apotek(pharmacy) and Hvide Sande Apoteksudsalg(Pharmacy Sale), we have great expertise in ship chests, and we will gladly help you keep track of pharmacy goods, so you can concentrate on your normal tasks.

Hvide Sande Apoteksudsalg(Pharmacy Sale), can be contacted on phone: +45 97313222 and Ringkøbing Løve Apotek(pharmacy) can be contacted by phone: +45 97320511

Before/after the normal opening hours, please contact the pharmacy in Ringkøbing the pharmacy hotline phone: +45 40117611

We can also be contacted by mail: info@apovest.dk

Hvide Sande Apoteksudsalg(Pharmacy Sale) and Ringkøbing Løve Apotek(pharmacy) is supplying both the local ships and ships from all over the country with medicine, and we are familiar with the requirements from Søfartsstyrelsens (Danish Maritime Authority).

If you need ship medicine, then pls. ask us for a quote on inspection, partly supplementing - or a complete solution.

We ensure fast, accurate processing of your order.

When you place an order for your ship medicine with us, we always do our best to ensure the maximum possible shelf life - and we do it at a fair price.


When you call Hvide Sande Harbour, we can check the ship's medicine for you, and let you know what you are missing.

If you need the complete solution, we would like you to contact us in advance, so we can arrange the order with you.


Yours sincerely,

Hvide Sande Apoteksudsalg(Pharmacy Sale), Parallelvej 60, 6960 Hvide Sande – Phone: +45 97313222

and Ringkøbing Løve Apotek(pharmacy), Torvegade 5, 6950 Ringkøbing – Phone: +45 97320511 


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